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I’ve been running and doing gym regularly’ish for around 18 years, and until a year and a half ago, I never wore tights, even when I was much leaner. I was self conscious, my thighs also looked huge (now I care a lot less), and it felt like something reserved for lean and toned women. In winter I used to run in yoga pants or anything loose, in order to avoid anything hugging.

Then, I bought my first pair of tights online, and it was like my first hit of something awesome, and since then, I’ve been buying, trying and stalking local tights manufacturer. There are some great designs out there, but the fit or material isn’t wonderful. And then there are some dull designs, with a great fit.

Then there are tights like Vivolicious that tick all the boxes. I came across them on Instagram, bought two pairs of Vivolicious, and I was so chuffed I bought another pair. Their prints are gorgeous, they fit well (I prefer the high-waisted tights as they sit better on my thighs and stomach).

One of the best features is a front pocket for a cellphone, or things like keys and tissues. Most tights will have a little pocket at the back that’s barely big enough for a key, so this pocket is a huge X-factor.

Other features include:

  • Moisture wicking, dries very fast
  • Strong 4 way stretch fabric
  • UPF30+
  • Flattering high waistband
  • Flat seamed, soft threads, no chafing
  • Double-lined gusset for natural movement
  • 87% polyester, 13% elastane

While the tights are suited for long-distance running (they’ve been tested on on ultra-marathons on trail and road), they’re perfect for gym, CrossFit, Pilates, yoga, callisthenics, Barre, rowing, stand up paddling, kickboxing, Zumba, horse riding, golf, hiking and climbing. You get the drift – they’re suited for everything.

When I’m working from home, I often wear my Vivolicious tights as they’re super comfortable, and they’re good to go out to the shops quickly (no embarrassment being seen with PJ bottoms).

They’ve also thought of everything – there are no labels or tags that could irritate – rather, the label information is incorporated into the fabric.

While I’m mostly familiar with just the tights so far, Vivolicious also sells capris, tech shorts, bras, vests, shirts arm sleeves, headies, headbands and beanies, and calf sleeves. There’s also a range for men, in fantastic fabrics too.T

Good to know: A percentage of Vivolicious sales goes to the Flower Valley Conservation Trust for fynbos flower conservation.

You can shop the range on their website, and you can also follow their gorgeous pic and product info on Facebook and Instagram.

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